Friday, January 2, 2009

Self Assigned 1

Convention to Innovation

China: Beauty and Repression

This is an illustration based off an article I read in the Atlantic monthly magazine a month or two ago.

The story is about how during the olympic games, China did everything they could to show how beautiful they were culturally, but the repression that the government imposed on their people was still well illustrated.

I wanted to make a piece that showed how beautiful the country was but at the same time show that underneath all of the beauty was something that could be harmful.

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chriswhetzel said...

Hello again :)

I really like these pieces, Daniel! My only concern with the innovation piece is the object in the left hand: is it an eco-friendly bulb? or a symbol? I can't make it out :( One other little thing (that totally the artist's choice) is the color of the windmills; the brown seems kind of dull in comparison to the other color in the piece. Maybe it could be tinted the smallest bit to more orange or red? either of those colors would fit in well with your palette. But again, such a thing is totally the artist's choice. Good piece regardless!

The China piece is very nice. I like the "double-screened" look on the red flower. Very nice.