Saturday, January 31, 2009

Failing to Cool the Meltdown since 1945

He better get new shoes

My good friend Matt Cavanaugh sent me an email asking if I wanted to take on a piece for WIN Magazine. He sent me the article, I read through it, and sent an email to Clare, their A.D./editor with a portfolio attachment. I got the go to work on sketchs, and was told that she was rushed for deadline since everything was due to go to print on february 2nd. I pretty much did the sketchs one day and went to final the following. It was a fun assignment.

The article I tackled dealt with how the government since 1945 went in and out of recessions and with each recession came casualties due to job loss, ect. I tried to show how the government failed or was so disorganized in the way it operated that it needed to come back and see it was just hurting itself. She chose the second sketch since, they print black and white and it fits the article the strongest. Below are the sketchs I sent.

Enlarged Sketches

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