Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ELY Senior Thesis In Progress part 3 of 4 (it was 8 previews but thats a bit much)

Ely 2 Cropped in Preview

Ely 3 in progress shot of finished pencil drawing

I am basically 2 weeks behind in my senior thesis project. I was pretty sure I was good with time managing my side projects, and school work but the semester started off rocky and I need to get back in front of the ball. Still I have confidence that I will have Ely 3 done this week, sketchs done today/tomorrow for Ely 4 and a finish for Ely 4 next week so that the follow week can be all about revisions for 3 and 4. Then do any final touch ups, matt and print everything to turn in. Its going to be a long 3 weeks....

"Worrying Solves Nothing" - Milton Glaser

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