Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer Time

Summer time is here again!

This summer I am taking off from my usual working for bands and flyering to really focus on my drawing. So I am going to do 75% drawing from life, and 25% painting (traditional and digital).

A lot of my drawings will be posted here throughout the summer but pieces that I take to a finish digital painting will be posted on www.personalviewpoint.com which is being updated and provided by my generous teacher Zina Saunders.

Have a great summer friends, look out for updates!

-Daniel Fishel

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Society of illustrators and My Favorite Mistakes Show

So Tomorrow I will be going to NYC to hang out at the Society of Illustrators to hang out at the reception, meet and greet many people. I hope to make new friends, and new mentors. Above is a digital mock up of the image I am screen printing as a business card for tomorrow. I am also going to do a small run of these as well just for keeps sake.

Also here at the University of the Arts, I have a Gum Bi-Chromate Print that I submitted to hang in a printmaking show called "My Favorite Mistakes", which show cases images that are off register, didn't ink completely, ect. Gum Bi-chromate is a process where you seperate colors using channels into CMYK negitives that would then be exposed to light on Rives BFK paper with a chemical mixture of Watercolor pigments/Arabic Gum and Amonium Dichromate. It's a process I highly considered to print all my paintings in as a traditional means besides printing archival ink jet prints, but the cost and time put into printing 1 image takes a long time.

Anyway, The Printmaking show is amazing and I highly recommend anyone going to it, because it shows how good happy accidents look at paper. You can see this show on the 6th floor at 333 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA.