Saturday, January 31, 2009

They are pressed

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Enlarged image

Failing to Cool the Meltdown since 1945

He better get new shoes

My good friend Matt Cavanaugh sent me an email asking if I wanted to take on a piece for WIN Magazine. He sent me the article, I read through it, and sent an email to Clare, their A.D./editor with a portfolio attachment. I got the go to work on sketchs, and was told that she was rushed for deadline since everything was due to go to print on february 2nd. I pretty much did the sketchs one day and went to final the following. It was a fun assignment.

The article I tackled dealt with how the government since 1945 went in and out of recessions and with each recession came casualties due to job loss, ect. I tried to show how the government failed or was so disorganized in the way it operated that it needed to come back and see it was just hurting itself. She chose the second sketch since, they print black and white and it fits the article the strongest. Below are the sketchs I sent.

Enlarged Sketches

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jinxed 3rd Annual Heart Show

Silkscreen/Handpainted Acrylic with layered paper on wood.

Come support art, and buy works all under $100! My piece is $75.

I am not much of a fan for Valentines Day, but I am for gallery openings, so come on out and lets have fun!

The opening is Friday Feb 13th 6 -10pm at:
Jinxed Gallery 620 S. 4th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Card Enlarged

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ELY Senior Thesis In Progress part 3 of 4 (it was 8 previews but thats a bit much)

Ely 2 Cropped in Preview

Ely 3 in progress shot of finished pencil drawing

I am basically 2 weeks behind in my senior thesis project. I was pretty sure I was good with time managing my side projects, and school work but the semester started off rocky and I need to get back in front of the ball. Still I have confidence that I will have Ely 3 done this week, sketchs done today/tomorrow for Ely 4 and a finish for Ely 4 next week so that the follow week can be all about revisions for 3 and 4. Then do any final touch ups, matt and print everything to turn in. Its going to be a long 3 weeks....

"Worrying Solves Nothing" - Milton Glaser

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Zines

So, one project that I am working on for school is a series of Zines based on visual essays of different areas of Philadelphia.

Here is the hand drawn type pieces for the zines titles....


China Town

South Philly

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreamer Sketch

Dreamer Sketch - Gouache, White conte, and pencil on brown paper

As I am creating a nice illustration and design portfolio I am also going to be working on a fine art portfolio.

This is the first sketch to the start of a series of 5 to 10 fine art pieces. This piece is going to show her dreams, and thoughts as she sleeps.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Self assigned 4

As the winter sessions comes to a close so does the long string of self assigned pieces, but its not the end, just a slow down from the 4 pieces a week I have been doing.

The Trocadero, Philadelphia

Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward of the Indie rock band SHE & HIM


Delivering the Promise of Non-Profits

The Trocadero

- This is a music venue in Philadelphia known for its beautiful exteriors and interiors. I was inspired to start drawings buildings when my friend Sean Metcalf did a drawing of the Troc. I thought what better way to start off a series of building drawings then to start with something that your inspired by. Not only by Seans version but the fact I attend shows there 2-5 times a year.


- For some reason when drawing Matt it was almost nothing to do. I did maybe 2 drawings till I got it right, but for some reason I drew Zooey NINE TIMES! I think that this is the closest to a likeness of her I can get. I found out about this band from Paste Magazine. They are album of the year. Who knew. Plus I didn't know it but Zooey, before being a indie rock queen, was an actress in many movies I have watched much of recently, and prefers doing music over movies.


- In Wired Magizine, they put out an article about how Cancer researchers should stop working on a cure for cancer, and focus on a more realistic goal of trying to prevent, and detect cancer early. 90% of people survive stage 1 and 2 of cancer due to early detection and screenings, while 10% of people survive stage 3 and 4 due to the severity of the cancer and how far it has and hasn't spread.

Delivering the Promise of Non-Profits

- Wither it is to save polar bears, or to build green spaces in cities, there are people out there trying to build a commerce to invest into projects that benefit people as a whole. Many of these organizations stand true to their word, but how can we trust that these business' will stay true to their value of why they are doing what they are doing. This illustration is literal/conceptual in the way I am showing the duality of an industrial area that has a voice of someone who wants to build something new. Look as its also delievering its message too!


On a side note, I did send my grad school papers, portfolio, ect... around noon today. I got a tracking number so I can see where it is. I just hope it gets there tomorrow.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Self Assigned 3

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - Many illustrators do one of two directions when it comes to illustrating Amy Winehouse. They either focus on what Amy was or they like to show the crazy cracked out version of who she is now. (first row, 4th down)

I believe that both are very unfair depictions. I've never met Amy, but I wanted to show some compassion with the image. What I wanted to do was show her inner struggle by using color and her facial expression. Along with that I wanted to show her decay so I have her hair falling out and a dead rose petals falling off. She knows what's going on but she isn't doing anything to stop it.

When thing I want to mention is, I am using the dot pattern in my work less. I had a client the other week, get their shirt design and love it. I ran into one of the members in the band and they said "Yeah, I was alittle scared you were going to use that bee hive pattern in the piece but you didn't..." YIKES! So I am going to use it more economically, like the pattern in her shirt and hair band!

Now I did have another portrait I was going to post, but I am uncertain of the likeness. I might send it to a few folk, and I might be a made man and re-draw it. We will see, but I have to work on my Ely. None the less I will post more up Friday night/Saturday morning.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Self Assigned 2

Re-inventing Your Business Model

My Life in Sales

Re-Inventing Your Business Model

- For a company to bring about new growth, it needs to define and blue print what it wants to accomplish, think about the consumer, and reflect on how the new business model differs from the old to move forward.

My Life in Sales

- This illustration is about a story I read in the Atlantic monthly. A seasoned Book Tour salesmen, is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because he sick of his job selling books (that he has been doing for 15 years!) but at the same time he can not see himself doing anything else.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Self Assigned 1

Convention to Innovation

China: Beauty and Repression

This is an illustration based off an article I read in the Atlantic monthly magazine a month or two ago.

The story is about how during the olympic games, China did everything they could to show how beautiful they were culturally, but the repression that the government imposed on their people was still well illustrated.

I wanted to make a piece that showed how beautiful the country was but at the same time show that underneath all of the beauty was something that could be harmful.