Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just started this thing

So I decieded that I might as well start a blog to talk about any art stuff I am up too.

Some Updates.....

- I am working on a T-shirt Design for Philadelphia based Pop Punk infused Hardcore band The Wonder Years. (No Sleep Records) That will be done by the 23rd.

- I am working on a personal piece, another portrait. I am trying to get the hang on using straight hue, and no black in my pieces. We will see in the coming weeks if i can do that.

- I will be screen printing The Ergs flyer next week for the January 26th date at Siren Records. Again I am cutting it close to deadline, due to me being on vacation in Carlisle, PA and my stuff being in the City of Brotherly Love.

- I am working on thumbnails for a t-shirt design for Phildelphia's own Beercore/hardcore band, Barricade (creep/black out!), and a t-shirt design pitch to this amazing philly hardcore band, Braindead (Double or Nothing records)

- Once I get this new t-shirt stuff done, I will be launching a offical website. It going to be sick.

I am listing my process that I went through for the Ergs Flyer.