Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Stuff

I just finished a t-shirt design for a band called Nafy, but very soon they are changing their name to "In Confidence":

Here is the Sketch I did for their new t-shirt.

Here is the finished design for that shirt

Here is another shirt design that I finished was for the No sleep records band "The Wonder Years":

They have hired illustrators that are typically more playful with their imagery, than I am used to, but my favorite illustrator that they work with is James Heimer:

You can buy this shirt for $17 at

Very Recently, I helped a illustrator friend of mine named Alex Eckman-Lawn:, do a screenprint run of a flyer he did for a date for one of Philadelphia's best ambient metal bands, Rosetta, for when they do a tour of the down under.

Here is some images I put together of the screen printing process and the final of this 52 edition run.

Last thing, I am making artist products !!!! Here is my new t-shirt design that I made for sale on myspace/facebook. $8 postage paid, and if you send me a email/send money to my paypal account: Fisheld@aol,com

You will the the shirt next monday. I am doing a pre-order now and printing next sunday. It is going to be awsome.

This is a Straight edge t-shirt that is a re-interp. of ones before it with the same saying.

Enjoy guys