Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Self Assigned 2

Re-inventing Your Business Model

My Life in Sales

Re-Inventing Your Business Model

- For a company to bring about new growth, it needs to define and blue print what it wants to accomplish, think about the consumer, and reflect on how the new business model differs from the old to move forward.

My Life in Sales

- This illustration is about a story I read in the Atlantic monthly. A seasoned Book Tour salesmen, is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because he sick of his job selling books (that he has been doing for 15 years!) but at the same time he can not see himself doing anything else.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel! Good luck with the application although I'm sure you'll get in! Thats a decision I always regretted: not applying for grad school. Best of luck!

The two pieces in this post look good and have strong concepts. The only things I would suggest for the business model piece would be to drop out the background (seems to not relate to the concept) and maybe add a little primary color to the reflection? The image in the puddle seems very dull compared to the figure. maybe just the TINIEST bit of color would also help it feel more like a reflection? My eye bounces between the head and two hands; I thought maybe a little color in the reflection could pull the viewer's eye into that area a bit easier. Still, good concept and strong composition.

The piece about the book salesman is also strong; my only issue is a few tangents (book with window, etc). Tangents aren't something an art director is going to notice, but a grad school professor won't take kindly to 'em :) Otherwise, I'd keep her the way it is!

Keep 'em comin', buddy!