Saturday, March 8, 2008

Latest Happenings

I officially got into the Society of illustrators Student Competition Show along with 6 of my other peers among the other 130 people that will have things at the show.

Link to our pieces:

Here is the piece that got in.....

Yesterday, I did a demo on digital illustration that I am also doing to create a series of portraits that show the personality of the person portrayed. I am doing all female artist, because they have I think better stories, and more colorful personalities than that of many other people. Plus females are fun to draw, and hits me up at my love of Alphnose Mucha illustration of women.

"I remember back in my home town, how nature started over take the industrialism that was had happend....."

"If you give me a Key and a box with a key hole I will be amused for hours just playing with that...."

- Ali Crow

Also, when everyone gets a chance, check out atleast once a week on Thursdays. Not only will you see my work, but work of my peers.

I am working on not only a couple school assignments but a few assignments that I got from bands. This is going to be fun!

Keep it real!