Friday, January 9, 2009

Self Assigned 3

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse - Many illustrators do one of two directions when it comes to illustrating Amy Winehouse. They either focus on what Amy was or they like to show the crazy cracked out version of who she is now. (first row, 4th down)

I believe that both are very unfair depictions. I've never met Amy, but I wanted to show some compassion with the image. What I wanted to do was show her inner struggle by using color and her facial expression. Along with that I wanted to show her decay so I have her hair falling out and a dead rose petals falling off. She knows what's going on but she isn't doing anything to stop it.

When thing I want to mention is, I am using the dot pattern in my work less. I had a client the other week, get their shirt design and love it. I ran into one of the members in the band and they said "Yeah, I was alittle scared you were going to use that bee hive pattern in the piece but you didn't..." YIKES! So I am going to use it more economically, like the pattern in her shirt and hair band!

Now I did have another portrait I was going to post, but I am uncertain of the likeness. I might send it to a few folk, and I might be a made man and re-draw it. We will see, but I have to work on my Ely. None the less I will post more up Friday night/Saturday morning.

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