Saturday, February 28, 2009

Distances Record Release

4 color show poster: Silver, and 3 shades of blue with a 40 to 60 edition print

I have to say, it is hard to come up with a lot of concepts that deal with the idea of traveling and moving away to somewhere else. After a album cover, promo poster, and two shirt designs, I had to come up with a show poster that didn't have what all of those had...... suit cases, air planes and birds.

With this, I sketched out 5 different ideas before I came to a solid one, which typically doesn't happen often when I make show posters. This poster is a tip of the hat to one of my favorite comic book artist, Dan Clowes.

One thing I mentioned before about the Distances Record cover is that I wanted to capture, three moods. One in passing, one in embracing, and one in going alone. This poster is about being being lonely. I tried to show it the same way Clowes did. Empty streets, empty bench at a bus stop. I just drew it all at a overhead perspective so I wasn't ripping Clowes off totally and did it in my own way.

So Soupy of The Wonder Years contacted me told me this great idea for the record release show. He wanted me to design a envelope that looked like it went through the mail, being sent to the record release show. I was pretty stoked about the whole idea. Even so, when we talked about the return address, he wanted to use 123 Fake street, as a simpsons reference. So 38 of those were printed and 30 will be available to everyone at the record release show, first come first serve, and the other 8 go amongst the band, Chris at No Sleep Rec, and I.

See you at the show!


Molly Jacques said...

I love your poster art. You should check out some old art deco posters for influence!

Alina Chau said...

Lovely drawing!

Chogrin said...

I like this!