Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beta Version is up!

The Beta Test Version of my Website is up!

also changed my blogspot's address to match it.


Kali said...

Thank you! And congrats on the win & your new site! Lookin' good. I saw your name on that SOI list thingy! :) I might not see you in NY after all though....I'm just feeling kind of lazy this year. Plus last year when I went up I got really sick and I'm feeling weirdly grossed out thinking about it. We'll see!

gumkid said...

thanks man, BLink ROCKS. and I love the CD stuff you posted below, the website is nice too

Daniel Fishel said...

Thanks for the comments on the website guys. Right now this is the beta version and not the final version. Its based off a templet my teacher gave us.

pro: I have a website up.

con: It looks awefully simular to 40+ other peoples design.

In a few weeks I will have a newily designed site, but for now I am fine with the one I have.