Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buy my poster next week! (if your live on the west coast)

I just got done printing 100 of these bad boys, and sent them off to California, where the band The Motel Life (not to be confused with The Movie Life), will be playing a short 2 week tour. I do not have extra's so you gotta talk to the band if you want to get one of these posters for probably $5.

When the band contacted me back in July, they literally said, interpret the quote "(So Sorry) We're not what you're looking for" in your illustration. I took a week to think about it since the deadline was far enough away, and sent off sketchs. Got the final word a week later and did the finished image in a day.

The image they chose, was one that represents a 90's indie girl displeased with what she saw through her camera lens. Sketchs are below.


Paul Johnson said...

hey thanks man, weeeird that you commented my blog, i'm actually a big fan of your work! keep it up, love the poster

Laura @ effluvia said...

Wow, I've seen this poster before I stumbled across your blog. I love your style, and the poster turned out well.