Sunday, August 30, 2009

Success and Failure: Summer of Book binding

This summer, I took an independent study class at Harrisburg Area Community College with Professor Shawn Williams to further explore an area of interest I have. Book making/Binding.

I have learned a thing or two this summer about making books and printing for books like, its hard to hold detail in a screen printed image when its originally made for 8x11 and up and you print it in a 4"x4" area. None the less, even though the printing is not all that to be wowed by, the fact that I made my first printed book is an exciting experience. This is something that I plan on continuing and exploring so that I can then become a book maker.

Below is a close up to one of my favorite pages.

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Mike said...

Oh man, wait till you start having to split up images for spreads and figure out first and last pages and all that... that's when it gets fun and when in design becomes your best friend.