Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Sure

"For Sure" - 11"x12" Acrylic on Stonehedge paper

This is the first of many pieces I am creating that will be in a section of my website I am going to call "Exhibition". These pieces will feature work that is more geared to the gallery wall, and less for the printed page. I will have one or two more updates on these pieces as they come along.

The big difference between my illustration work and exhibition work is that I am focusing on incorprating painted typography, and adding more relatiable personal experiences in the pieces themselves. To do this I plan on painting them using surrealistic metaphores to bring the viewer relating in some way or another to the works of art.

This doesn't mean I have given up creating illustrations for hire. I am just creating another avenue I am interested in taking.

Small web update to come in a few weeks. I wont be updating my website till the end of May/Early June, because I am adding lots of new illustration work, and a new web design completely hand coded in html/css.

Stay Tuned!


Christine Larsen said...

Already commented at the AS page, but this is very nice, sir. It's interesting to see a painting from you! (I havn't before, anyway). I like that you kept the printerly feel of your digital work in here.

Daniel Fishel said...

Many thanks Christine!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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