Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DIY - Make stuff/Stay Punk

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Unknown Tag's and Wheatpastes.

A few weeks ago, I was walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and I saw some wheat pasted posters and images on the wall. I often would wonder who these people are and if there is any intention or meaning to any of it. What is the point of putting something on a wall? I suppose it's the same thing that makes me want to be an artist. It's about making stuff, and feeling proud of doing things that you love. For me, it's important to tell stories with the work and make connections in how people respond to the work itself.

In 2007, I worked as an intern for a DIY Punk Rock venue called Championship records, based out of Lemoyne, PA. At this venue, I made 30 show posters in one summer. I had complete creative control, and it is where I practiced making digital art work and pulled my first terrible silk screen prints. I made a really bad first impression on Come Back Kid with my small 8x11 really really bad prints. Looking back at this venue and what it meant to me, and my growth as an artist, I am forever grateful.

My friend, Mallory Weston, made a great blog post about sticking to doing things herself, and staying true to her craft. Make Stuff and Stay Punk as she says it. I couldn't agree more with this. Living a life that is DIY, has been an essential way that I have lived. I don't know if I could make my own clothes and I don't have the room to grow my own food, but the ethic of if I can do something myself, why not do it?

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