Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Open Source

So as you can tell there really haven't been consistent updates on the blog here. I am illustrating a book I wrote right now, I have a thing or two in the air before I can publish them online I did for clients, working on a new website design (the new design will be up for a day either next week or the following as a beta test), and a bunch of self generated works all unfinished right now.

One thing I have been experimenting with is Google Sketch up. Often times I find it hard to find the right reference at the right angle. With google sketch up in about 20 minutes I can built something quick to draw from as reference. The great thing about it also is that it's a free open source app.

After being told about app's I have been going app crazy, and downloading stuff like Quick Silver, Font Explorer X, iGTD, and other open source apps for the Mac.

Something cool coming soon....

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