Sunday, July 5, 2009

Handguns - MMIX

Last week I finished doing the entire packaging design for Handguns new six song ep, "MMIX". Three of the six songs are on their myspace right now.

When I got a call from Jake, their guitar player, he said they were doing really well on their two or three week tour and wanted to get this packaging done before they go on Warp tour, but push came to shove and now it's going to be released in August. When I asked what the packaging should be of or a concept to run on, all he said was....

1.Use Bright Colors
2.Make it fun.
3.Nothing negative (inverted crosses, ect)
4. Make it like no other pop punk bands record.

So when I looked over the lyrics and heard the new songs, all of them had to do with some sort of internal/external conflict. Cheating Girlfriends, disappointing friends..... standard pop punk songs. So I had to use abstract symbols to show internal conflict and used an octopus as the external. Why use an octopus you may ask? Why not!

Back Cover

Outer Tray

Inner Tray

CD image

Heres a few old videos of the band before their new singer Brandon....