Monday, April 27, 2009

American Illustration 28

If the beginning of this year couldn't get any better, it just did. I just got an email saying that the two pieces above got into AI28 web gallery. I am very excited and flattered to be among the other artist to be represented in the 28th annual American Illustration show.

The piece on the left is about a story I read in the Atlantic monthly. A seasoned Book Tour salesmen, is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because he sick of his job selling books (that he has been doing for 15 years!) but at the same time he can not see himself doing anything else.

The piece on the right is a portrait of one of my best friends Andrew Stiles. I tried to capture Andrew as he naturally is. Spontaneous, and full of energy that catch's you off guard.

Again, this is very flattering news and it is such an honor to be part of this annual.

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Collie MIlls said...

safe to say that this could be the year of Fish. congrats dude. Do yo' Thang!!!