Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick updates

I am going Crazy! I have 10 spots to do which some are part-done, and a cd cover that is 90% done, and I did a bunch of other stuff instead.


(What's being said about this piece is the same as what I posted on the Autumn Society blog)

So growing up, I always heard "Eat all your food, there are kids in the third world that are starving and don't have the chance to have what we have"

Now at 21 years old, I recently had the chance to do something about that. I got a call from Soupy from the philadelphia based pop punk band The Wonder Years, to "donate" a shirt design that would be printed and all the money from that design would go to the Heifer Foundation. The band said they wanted to do it for these guys because there are organizations like To Write Love on her arms, which has bands backing it up, but don't say where the money is going except that they sell t-shirts. Where is the money going?

So they wanted to do something that is fun like their other shirts but sorta spoke the same about what this foundation is all about. H.F. is a organization that sends a cow a chicken to a family in a third world country to have milk and eggs every morning. So once they make enough money they find a family and give them the animals. I thought it was a great idea, so I shot off ideas, did a final and gave 3 color variations, and this is the final.

It will be in print after they get off tour around September/October. All money from the shirts will go straight to the foundation, and the shirts are, "from what I am told", being printed on Organic T-shirts and Organic hand made inks.



I love straight-edge hardcore music. So why not do a show flyer for a sxe hardcore bands show.

This will be printed in black, silver and gold ink. YUM!

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rachael said...

very fun stuff! thanks for the comment. more work coming soon as i get going...but for now, my official site is finally up in case you get bored!