Thursday, August 28, 2008

Promotional + U ARTS Senior Year

My new business cards came in the mail today. The color is slightly off, but still I am quite satisfied with Over Night Prints quality.

I made these specifically to hand out to bands, show promoters, and possibly a few folk who do gallery curating that are pretty diy, though they arent in my view yet.

The Autumn Society just had a call for entries for their hand made zine to promote all the dudes and dudets, that are part of the blog. This is my entry. I used the same image as the business card to unify my short runned, short lived promotion, and to also unify it with the hand made organic quality that looks like all of my art.

On another note, this weekend I am moving back to the great city of brotherly love, to then finish out my senior year at the University of the Arts.

I am still working on a few things and I am making future plans I am not yet revealing but when I do it will be good and done in good time.

I'll post ya up about it next week!


1 comment:

rachael said...

i like the cut-out look of your type on the business friend stephen does similar things, i think you would like his work if you're curious:

like your winehouse one too!