Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lots of cool stuff going on

So I created a flyer for Championship out in leymone, PA. It will be screen printed in 4 colors.

I love doing flyers because it lets me try out differnt ways to use images, and concepts. Even thought I am alittle limited by its flat nature and to the amount of colors based on how much money I have at the time, I still enjoy doing it.

This flyer, kinda goes with this whole adam and eve thing. She has a tree on her shirt which is representing the tree of knowledge, and she is shooting these laser beams at Adam who you can now see all of his bones which represents the passage "....and they relized they were naked, and covered each other up with leaves they made gurdles with..." or how ever the passage goes. Its sorta the same thing but in a X-Ray fashion, and contemporary.

Process of how I built it is below. (If you click on the empty blue box it will put you to a new page and animate)

I am back in school so updating this will be alittle slow. Keep checking my myspace for anything cool going on.


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