Sunday, December 27, 2009

The next decades mantra "DO YOUR BEST"

It's four days until 2010. It's kinda surreal when you think about the fact that it's 2010. My grandfather always said that their would be flying cars, and food served in pill form like some Jetson's experience in the 2000's. Though we aren't quite there yet, I am still waiting for something futuristic to happen, like giant destructive robots or aliens or something that would seem so 2010. Alas, I will settle with the reality I live in.

2009 has been an interesting year. It's been the first 6 months where I consider myself a full time "freelancer". This is especially true now that I don't feel strange hiding that I am a undergraduate student, while working as a freelancer like I did shamefully at ICON5. I feel more comfortable now saying I am working on my MFA at SVA while working as a freelancer. I don't know why it's more comfortable. All I know is, I am greatful for every new experience I have been presented with at SVA MFA. I am starting to see new connections and ways to use symbols in my work. Also I see my craft getting stronger and stronger.

More so I am greatful for all the bands and publications that I worked for this year. I am glad that you took the risk, to give me assignments to make illustrations, designs, and in some cases even screen printed editions for your magazines, publications, advertisements, record/cd covers, and t-shirt designs. Your making the idea of living off of drawing and painting more possible week by week, month by month.

Lastly I want to thank all of the awesome folk I've met, talk to on a week to week basis online, commented on my blog here and on Ohger, gave me insight/career advice over the phone, all the new friends/studiomates I am sharing my experiences with and those whom stayed in touch from Philadelphia, and else where. Again thank you so much! Just to shout out of few folk that have been super nice and helped me out at some point in some way in 2009 - Tim Durning, Daniel Hertzberg, Pete T. Ryan, Maria Filar, Tae Querney, Lauren Moyer, Jaclyn Sinquett, Brad Haubrich, Gina and Matt, Joe Game, Kyle T. Webster, Chris Whetzel, Julia Breckenreid, Jude Buffum, Molly Jacques, Tim O'brien, Richie Pope, Ashley Benham, You Byun, Christine Larsen, Megan Berkheiser, Collie Mills, Jessica Hische, Zina Saunders, Mike Wohlberg, Dan Campbell, Chris Henson, Ester Pearl Watson/Mark Todd, Edel Rodriguez, Robert Zimmerman, Alex Eckman lawn, Graham Palme, Rosae Reeder, Mark Tocchet, SVA MFA, my roommates Rachel Burkhard and Matt Templin, and soooooo many others.

Before 2010 comes, I will leave you with a mantra that my former teacher at UARTS and co-owner of Apple head Factory, Joe Didomenico, told us on the first day of class senior year.

"Do Your Best".
The idea is simple.

Put 120% into everything you do. Make more sketches than asked, work earlier on an assignment and later to get it right, and get things done and sent before they are due. When you aren't working on an assignment, make personal pieces and experiments to keep you fresh and always forcing yourself to try and get better as an artist and a business person. It's the very thing I live by and keep in the front of all my sketchbooks and above my studio spaces in Manhattan and Queens. I think it's a helpful reminder everyone should have written somewhere.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone and hope to work with you in 2010!


pete ryan said...

Great post, Cant wait to see everything you'll make in 2010.
Congrats on a great year!!

Jaclyn Sinquett said...

Hey sorry I didn't see this post sooner:

Thanks for the shout out, and let me take the time now to THANK YOU as well. It's been great keeping in touch with you.