Friday, December 4, 2009

Michael Cera

I was very excited when I received an email to do an illustration for Alex Chow, over at Nylon Guys Magazine, because Nylon is on my top 10 list of magazines to do illustration for. So to do a illustration for Nylon Guys, is close enough to count as doing an illustration for Nylon. Plus, It is doing the second thing I love to do next to conceptual illustration. Likeness Portraiture.

Alex asked me to do an likeness illustration of the actor Michael Cera for his role in the new movie coming out this January called "Youth in Revolt". It's a movie about an awkward boy who falls in love with a girl, who doesn't like him because he is sorta emo/nerdy/whimpy. So, he creates a bad-ass alter-ego, who blows stuff up, get's him laid, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

When it comes to the illustration itself, it's pretty much a weird surreal, mirrored image of him in his trailer (totally relate), and inside the mirror total bad ass. The hardest part of the illustration was the likeness itself. Thankfully, I was able to really workout the likeness till it looked close enough to pass as Michael Cera in time to meet the deadline.

So look out for this magazine soon, and also look for my awesome contributor piece in the magazine too!!

I wanna thank Alex Chow, and Kristin Eddington over at Nylon for this awesome opportunity.


dadu shin said...

Hey daniel, really diggin this. congrats on the job too!

Mallory Weston said...

Holy fuck Fish! That's awesome. I also can't wait to see this movie.

Randall said...

Congratulation. I was just wondering the other day what it'd be like if Michael Cera was drawn by Daniel Fishel.

No, really, I was.

Well... maybe not. But it looks amazing, and the pairing fits.

Michael Byers said...

Just saw this in the NYLON magazine. Looks great.

ןןoɥɔıu ɐ ɐɔıssǝɾ said...

Awesome likeness to the story. I read that book almost 10 years ago and Michael Cera, to my memory, totally fits the role.