Saturday, October 31, 2009

Animated Gif's the future of illustration?

Is the future of illustration in Animated Gif's in the markets of Advertising and Editorial's new mediums of E-Paper/E-Ink, and The Kindle?

I think it's a matter of time before illustrators will start to discus the pricing and ethical use of Animated Gif's made by illustrators. In 2 years time I will have a portfolio of 10 to 15 images that will be animated as a precaution to this new frightening yet exciting time we live in. Who knows when illustrators will start getting jobs to animate things. I will start in basic gif's in photoshop, and then possibly work my way back into flash and after effects though I am not that good in either of those just yet.


Molly said...

that guy's outfit is a riot!

Kategan said...

Alas, we're already in the midst of this concept.
I think there was an illustrator who animated the old Nick at Nite shtick using flash or something a while ago. And then you know-- websites.

Hell; check this out.

Fucking awesome. They just messed with the illustrations that Keith Thompson had already done for the book. Not a gif, but certainly an animated illustration.

O brave new world. That bandwagon's a callin'.

Kategan said...

And also a video done for Man Man's Banana Ghost was done in a similar fashion; not necessarily done by a particular illustrator, but it's essentially just a collage of old victorian illustrations from stock I think.

I actually have a book on love letters with most of these images in it.