Friday, June 26, 2009

Handmade Sketchbook

So I made a sketchbook recently to save some money with some papers I had laying around my place, since I used my last sketchbook halfway to write in my contact list. I am not much of a book maker myself, and am taking a class with Shawn Williams this summer doing an indy study making a picture book. So why not experiment!

Below is a page I did where I am playing around with layering and drawing without reference. I am not quite there yet to do without reference but I have come far from when I was heavily dependent on it to now how I loosely use it. This was all drawn without pencil.


Lisa Carver said...

i REALLY like this style. would love to see more. thanks for sharing.

Daniel Fishel said...

It is interesting exploring how line over line works and seeing how it vibrates on a page. Its not crazy different to what I already do. Its just more fluid. Thats why it is in my sketch book and part of the reason why I am going to take MFA class'. I have questions, some more private than others about my own style and what it means to have one.