Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Figure Drawing and Sketch book stuff

* White Conte, Blue/Black Ball point pen, Fibercastell Brush Pen, and Pencil on News print paper. 3 hour pose to be held for 3 weeks for 4 hour sessions.

I am taking a figure drawing class at the Art Center School and Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA. I figured that if I wanted to work on my life drawing, that other than drawing in my sketch book I need to put some currency in with the milage to get something done.

* Detail

Also here is some of the better drawings I have playing with style, life drawing, type and abstraction in my new moleskin sketch book.


jb. said...

liiiiiife drawing. keep up the nice work fish...I may be at ICON myself, im sure we will cross paths.


Lauren Moyer said...

nice sketches and figures....

Naw, I talked to a bunch of galleries over a month ago when I visited San Fran, I havent sent out any more postcards since I graduated (I've been moving). But I will use your list you gave me!

Man, I really wanted to go to ICON but my school didn't choose me to go and I couldn't front the money. How was it? I hope it as fun! I plan for next ICON to be in attendance.

Hope all is well! Thanks for the comments!

KC Weimann III said...

Hello! As a fellow printer I'd like to say that I really dig your style. Especially the fliers and shirts. Even the stuff you didn't screen print has that really awesome rough-around-the-edges, homemade quality to it.